Letter from the Director


Dear Team,


I am amazed and so thankful for everyone who came out to support our students and their families for the I Have A Dream event on Saturday evening. What a great turn out! The sense of community for me was at an all time high. As Raymond encouraged everyone to take a dream maker envelope (they were labeled $1.00 up to $100.00) one of the hi-lights for me was that some of our parents or children's relatives supported this effort personally and gave cash donations to support their own children's summer program. There was a palpable sense of ownership and community that was unmistakable.


Thank you all for believing in our students, encouraging them and praying for them. What a powerful moment it was to see mentors, board members and staff praying with families and students at the end of the evening! I believe that our parents left knowing that people believe in their children, feeling they are loved, supported and prayed for, and seeing a side of their own children that they had not seen before!


May their dreams be realized!


Heather Goodlett

Executive Director

Youth Life Foundation of Richmond










Thanks to Ross Tretrault of the University of Richmond for this beautiful slideshow!

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