Mentor a Child

Interested volunteers are encouraged to participate by becoming weekly mentors.  After forms are completed and training occurs, they will be assigned a child and expected to volunteer two hours each week at one of our Learning Centers.  Each mentor works with his or her child for a two-hour session between 4:00 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. from September through May.  Mentors provide emotional encouragement, homework assistance and read with the children daily.  Mentors are asked to make at least a one-year commitment.  Our need for volunteer mentors is ongoing. 

Mentoring opportunities are available all day during our six-week summer program, or volunteers can join our team as a full-time summer intern.

Contact our Mentor Coordinator for more information: mentor@ylfr.org.


Upcoming Trainings

Group mentor trainings occur in August/September and January/February. Please contact mentor@ylfr.org to find out about make-up trainings.


Learning Center Calendars

Learning Center calendars, including weekly Fun Fridays can be found here.


Mentor Testimonials

“Everyone needs someone who cares about him or her and invests time in that person’s life. People need to know that they matter and can accomplish good things.”
-Mentor from University of Richmond

“I learned that all people bring their own stories and backgrounds to a situation. It is important to approach people on an individual level and realize that you can learn as much from them as they can learn from you.”
-Mentor from University of Richmond

“Mentoring has made me realize how much I truly love spending time with kids. I believe there is no more valuable way to spend my time than investing in their futures as an educator.”
-Jordan Truda

“As an empty nester, I began to reflect on who I was becoming…and it wasn’t very pretty. I was a bit self-focused, even in my church experience…I have grown to love these children and it is my prayer that the 2 hours I spend each week is used by God to soothe the hurt that these students face during much of their struggling journey.”
-Mary Venable

Perhaps like the above mentors, you are looking for something that provides a real sense of purpose and fulfillment. We couldn’t be more pleased that Jordan was inspired by his experiences as one of our volunteer mentors to pursue a teaching career, or that Mary found a sense of renewal by investing in the lives of her young friends at Youth Life.

We encourage you to also “be inspired” by investing just two hours of your time a week to help transform the life of a child. If you are interested in offering your guidance and support to one of our Learning Center children as a volunteer mentor, or by becoming one of our summer interns, please contact our Mentor Coordinator at mentor@ylfr.org or call Youth Life Foundation of Richmond at 804-228-1620.