Summer Internship 2022:
June 21 – August 5

Contact for information.

We are accepting applications now through May 13 for 2022 Summer Interns! Do you know a student, teacher or retiree with a heart for kids and time to serve this summer? We are looking for individuals willing to spend 6 weeks teaching and building relationships with our students full-time. More details can be found here:

Elementary Summer Internship Description

Summer Intern Application

University of Richmond students interested in summer fellowship grant opportunities, please see here.

What our interns have to say:UEF Summer 2016

“In my class, it was super rewarding to have the kids understand and learn something that they hadn’t before. I had preschoolers for language arts and math, so I was teaching them very basic information like shapes, counting, and letters. After we had been going over shapes for a while, they would point out shapes they saw in day to day objects. Just feeling like I was really teaching them something was a highlight.” -2018 Elementary Intern

“I learned a lot about teaching and developing lesson plans. I also learned about how to have structure in a classroom while having healthy relationships with the students. This summer taught me a lot about how to rejoice in each day and to look intentionally for the Lord’s presence. He is always there, doing far more than I expect or imagine.” -2018 Elementary Intern

“I learned the value of having role models and mentors in students’ lives that reflect their own experience. Having someone to talk to about everyday occurrences or problems, or even just to watch as a leader, shows kids different examples of how they might react in similar situations.” -2017 Remix Intern

“One of my main highlights from the summer was being able to encourage my students regarding the talents God has given them, and then being able to witness them live out those qualities as young leaders growing into their own.” -2017 Remix Intern

“Before working at Delmont this summer, I had zero knowledge of lesson planning or classroom management. The only thing I knew was that I was very passionate, excited and willing to learn about education and teaching. Looking back now, I am amazed to see how many skills I gained on teaching lesson planning and classroom management within 6 weeks. I also feel that I gained a more thorough understanding of the backgrounds that those kids come from and the effect that trauma has on their brains and their ability to learn and pay attention during class.” -2017 Elementary Intern

“Youth Life Remix showed me how impactful it can be for students when they have someone that believes in them. Secondly and probably most importantly, it displayed to me that even though at times behavioral and other problems may be stressful, it’s important to realize the backgrounds the students have and work with them, showing them you’re there for them no matter what may happen. It is through these bonds that tremendous and beautiful growth can and will happen.” -2015 Intern

“Throughout my experience at Youth Life, the most memorable moment was when I realized that the kids appreciated us being there. It was great to be able to have an internship that made a difference in the community.  And I can’t forget to mention the kids were hilarious.” -2015 Intern